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We had the incredible opportunity to partner with a distinctive travel website, specialising in uncovering the best local pubs, trips, and attractions. Given a budget of £130,000 and a timeline of nine months, we set out to develop a greenfield project, creating a brand-new website from the ground up. Utilising the Next.js framework, MSAL Azure authentication, Contentful CMS, and Material UI components, we're excited to share the story of our successful collaboration.

Envisioning the Perfect Solution

Our journey began with understanding the unique needs of our client. The objective was to create a comprehensive platform where users could discover local gems at their destinations. We envisioned a website that was not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate, secure, and filled with enriching content.

Harnessing the Power of Next.js and MSAL Azure

To bring this vision to life, we utilised the Next.js framework, a leading-edge solution renowned for its scalability and performance. Next.js served as the perfect foundation for our project, allowing us to build a fast, reliable, and SEO-friendly website.

For authentication, we turned to MSAL Azure, a solution provided by Microsoft that offers secure sign-in functionality and robust protection against potential threats. By integrating MSAL Azure, we ensured the website's user data remained secure, providing peace of mind for both our client and their users.

Leveraging Contentful CMS and Material UI

To manage the website's content, we leveraged Contentful CMS, a powerful content management solution known for its flexibility and ease of use. Contentful allowed our client to manage, update, and publish content independently, ensuring the website remained current and engaging for its users.

To create an attractive and intuitive user interface, we used Material UI, a popular React UI framework. Material UI enabled us to develop high-quality, consistent, and responsive UI components, contributing to an exceptional user experience.

The Outcome

After nine months of dedicated work, the result was a state-of-the-art website that truly stood out in the crowded travel sector. The new website is a seamless blend of functionality, design, and security, encapsulating the client's vision to perfection.

With the website's secure sign-in feature, users feel safe when interacting with the platform. The rich, regularly updated content powered by Contentful CMS keeps users engaged and coming back for more. Material UI has ensured the site is as appealing visually as it is in its functionality, further enhancing user engagement.


This project has been an exceptional journey for our team, showcasing our capabilities in handling complex web development projects. We're proud of the results we achieved, bringing the client's vision to life while meeting the set budget and timeline.

This venture has added another feather to our cap, highlighting our commitment to providing bespoke, innovative solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs. We look forward to future opportunities to transform visions into reality, one successful web development project at a time.

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